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Chuck commented on How to Fill the day alone?

Hi Natalia and Drake,

I just posted an inspiration page on this topic called "Yahoo listserves helping expecting parents and parents in Brooklyn NY". They are localized in-person and online parent groups. They have sub-communities for every walk of life, interest or need, including dad groups. Take a look. I hope this helps you in your research. Here is the link:


Chuck commented on Creating a Support Network

Hi Kate, Thanks for this insperation! I have not hear about this app yet.

The neighborhoods around Brooklyn, NY use listserve group to service this same/similar function. Although outdated, the listserves' functions (a least the one I use) meet most of the needs of expecting parents and parents. The groups connect expecting parents and parents with similar interest, needs and situations with peers. With that said, there is a lot of room for improvement. Here are a couple of pros and cons from my point of view - Pro: they are hyper local and can have a large amount of resources within the group. Con: Listserves have poor UX - the info is communicated by email - and no centralized resources for parents unless the group has a website. I know in other areas around the US, parents use FB groups to connect and communicate.

Should be a good resource to tap into for research and prototyping.

Hi Anu, Thank you for your comment. We did think of how to fund the game development. Our thought was that the whole program would use a social business model. Our partners would provide the capital to develop the games and program as an extension of their business. - Looking at partnering with Facebook, they could supply the platform to the game, "doing good" for the education of the community. The benefit to Facebook is they would have more users on their site and for a longer time. And, this would be the same model for our game development partner.

For your second question, how do you plan on engaging potential users to this program? - We want to engage schools and NGO's that are already doing work in the favelas to introduce the program to the children and with help from our other partners to engage and inform the children of the program. Our plan is to inform the children upfront of the direct benefits of the program. And they are - First, Playing the app they will gain a foundation of skills that can be used in real life. - Second, they will receive a "business in a box" (so if the child played an app that was selling lemonade, they would get a real lemonade stand to take out on their street corner) this is where they get to engage their community to practice the skills in real life. Also earning money doing so. This will give them real life skills and showing them a direct connection to what they learned in the app. This also is building their resume so they can get a job once they are done with all the stages of the program.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.