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Charles commented on Keaohou: culturally-responsive Indigenous education

Thank you for your feedback! You've clarified all of my concerns! Best of luck on your proposal!

I'm glad to hear you are trying to minimize your scope to maximize your impact and value! Best of luck on your proposal!


Charles commented on Keaohou: culturally-responsive Indigenous education

Hi Kulaniakea! You have a great program, and I like how you are teaching both Hawaiian and English in your classes. Have you considering incorporating the elderly Native Hawaiian volunteers to help in instruction of your classes? I know that structure was used with a school called Lumiar in Brazil with success -

In reading your proposal, I admire your optimism in scaling. If your lab preschool serves 14 children, 2 to 6-year-old, and their parents/families, and intends to graduate 25-30 Native children, do you plan to reach over 4,000 children annually through efforts with Chaminade University, Hawaii State Department of Education, Ashoka and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation? Do you have ways of measuring your impact with these organizations?

Having an educational nonprofit with online programs, what medium will you use to release all lesson plans, curriculum, teacher’s guide and parents’ companion of our materials to the general public, while also generating income from these materials?

In your proposal, you state that "culture-based education has proven to be a protective factor, which leads to multiple/cascading positive outcomes at both individual and community levels." Do you have metrics for culture-based education working in other areas to solve the widespread problems among low income families that you are talking about?

I see this program as a worthwhile effort! It is great how you are adapting to each child to help them succeed in a way that they haven't before using cultural education. Being a bottom-up organization, you have some significant support and partnerships already. I wish for your success!