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Christina commented on Emergency Response & Aid Communication Platform (ERA)

Hi Junny,

Yes, I am very much open to collaborating with other members / groups here. Thank you for this information.

my best regards,


Christina commented on Emergency Response & Aid Communication Platform (ERA)

Hey Matt, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I agree with you. For emergencies reported thru SMS messages, I indicated the categories: (1) need rescue, (2) need medical assistance and (3) need relief which should aid emergency responders in prioritizing reports. As for classification of calls made, I was thinking it should be the same, only the person answering the call makes the classification on the system.

It would be great to have your feedback on the classifications indicated (it's in the attachment, it would be great if you can look at it) -- is it realistic? is it comprehensive? is it the most useful to responders or are there other ways to categorize it?

The reversal of the emergency statistics (for large scale disasters) to reflect those that have been aided--it would be great to have your insights on this also.

Thanks and wish you all the best,

Hi David,

Thanks for the link, it's a very interesting read. In the link it says it is running on android, I think one of the gaps that need addressing is that not all people, especially in developing countries such as ours have smartphones. But to have an app like that, already in iteration that can be used during emergencies is already a big leap into providing the populace access to helplines which can save lives. So I think that what they did in the festival there is amazing! Anyway, I have been researching a lot into the topic before preparing the literature for ERA, and it is amazing how much technology is already out there about different ways of thinking and innovative ways of addressing issues - if you have time, you can check out the list of inspirations I have included in the attachment of my submitted idea, it is in the last couple of pages. The links I have included there already includes projects on mapping, phone tracking, mobile alerts, etc. that in my humble opinion, just needs to be built into one with one particular niche/practical application, then ownership shared with the community, local governments for faster adoption.

About Kolorob, it is great that you are already working with communities, good luck with the beta, I wish you all the best on this. And yes, it would be great to have a conversation with you sometime in the future about collaboration, thanks for considering, just PM me.

thanks and wish you all the best,