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Hi Jaoyi Ho ,

This is great!
The way you and your team have applied the concept of experiential learning through virtual reality to people traveling at the airport (and other locations as well of course), provides an exciting way to become educated/inspired. I think a great value add here is that it pulls the risk out of the learning- you do not need to be standing in that garden to see the locations to clean or avoid in the future.

I wonder how you may measure the impact of the learning? Data grabs from computer based gamification? Simple likert learning scale? Or even simple paper qualitative captures?

Great share! I look forward to seeing what's next here!

Following is a link that reminded me of your work that the UN has done:
"Virtual reality, fundamentally, is a technology that removes borders," he (Chris Milk) says. "Anything can be local to you." 


Christi commented on Combating Zika virus using Mosquito Egg Stopper Kit

Hi Anietie Akpan ,

It sounds like you have made progress with your research team's use of the MESKs!
I was just reading Shraddha 's post about 'Sweaty billboard' helps fight Zika virus - One of the notes was that building homes (perhaps the example billboard or the MESKs here) may attract insects to areas they were not located before or at a larger number. 
Anietie Akpan What have you found to help battle the balance of attracting large amounts of mosquitoes and protecting the local groups of people?

Best, Christi


Christi commented on 'Sweaty billboard' helps fight Zika virus

Hi Shraddha,
This has caught my attention- I appreciate you sharing the unique pros (trapping the mosquitoes inside, allowing for the local passing population to visualize the growing mosquitoes- likely encouraging people to get involved). I also appreciate you sharing the concerns- might this attract the insects closer to work or home life of the community?
Thanks for sharing Shraddha - Have you ever seen these billboards or any other boards like it?
Like, Anushka Agarwal , I'm interested to learn what other communities may have adopted these blueprints or of any great success stories!

Best, Christi