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Hi Lynn, thank you for this, and I absolutely agree about not being present and mindful of how we are in our lives, and the way that planning can highlight what we value and highlight what is important - and work together with and open up to others.  I am sure that we all have different ways and modalities of doing this. So thanks Lynn! Chris

Hi Bettina, thank you for the comments, really helpful.  I have included a link to my Inspiration post in the resources at the end of this post...hopefully that will work. Let me know if not, and I will try to see if I can modify it...

I think that absolutely you could include this type of calendar that you talk about in visual mapping - and yes you could use visual mapping and diagrams in many ways - I think that imagination and creativity really count here. Collaboration across the openideo community would be really helpful for this.  I was talking with a friend and they suggested different shades of colours to look at emotions and importance...

With regard to your question about videos that I would suggest -  you follow the link to Helen Sanderson associates - they have videos illustrating each of the steps of the process and these show the use of planning live using visual materials.  They address directly the point you raise about working with children in the home mapping goals - moving work.  I used these approaches when I worked with children and families and they are really helpful, but when I worked with children with life limiting conditions then the systemic approaches were really important to underpin and think through how these might be translated into visual metaphors.  For the video of this Glenda Fredmans talk is really helpful, but the two books are really useful.  I think that systemic approaches would also be important to help co-create visual diagrams for end of life planning generally.  I used diagrams a  in my work, and  I think that I am very much in the learning stage.

Hope this helps.  Thank you. 

Hi, I have included a diagram inspired and drawn from the person centred practice approach - there are many other possible diagrams and approaches - my drawing is not of the best, so perhaps great drawings could be included as models and templates ...and this map could have keys as well as descriptions of what each professional does...thanks Chris