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chris commented on Providing company bikes for employees

Hi Hanna

Thanks for the post!
Any form of exercise to get to work is a terrific idea.
I usually start the day by taking the dog for a walk and going to the gym at night just to be safe.

Whilst in Europe i noticed that there were many cyclists, however they were predominately travelling locally within a town where traffic was moderate and there was a safe amount of space for all modes of transport.
Living in a major city (Sydney Australia) I'm not sure if riding a bike to work is a practical solution as the average commute for Sydneysiders is 71 mins because of traffic and distance traveled. Cyclists are not allowed by law to use the footpath and Sydney's roadways have not kept up with population growth and can be hazardous for cyclists because of how narrow they are.


chris commented on A perspective from Australian Universities

Thanks for posting Amanda

I don't know if HECS scheme is the right solution as Australian students are reporting how they have a huge debt which takes them years to pay off and in turn makes other services unaffordable.

As the government is assisting students, should these students have terms and conditions placed on them?
Should there be a 3 strikes policy for failing subjects? limited places in each course to avoid saturation of an industry? Not financing courses where the student will take to go international to find employment?