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Thanks Jes - Really enjoyed watching that!

Thank you so much for the link and words of encouragement, I am somewhat blown away by the active support and thoughtful questions I've received so far!

I really like the idea of producing an advert and I think that online filmed material will be an important part in ensuring the ongoing success of the project! I know how much my own children enjoy an entertaining (music filled) clip!

I'll chat to our film-making team to see if we can get something interesting together for an advert - I think we may be short of time to get it out before the crowd-funded element ends, but I think that an advert will be a good thing to do to promote the project anyhow and encourage future donations.

Today we were discussing working with some young people to film / record the first possible song in March for the launch - It's based on the poem Pie in the Sky in the ebook here -

Sure! So, Transition Town : The Musical is the working title and I think that actual title of the show will be ' Something Wonderful In My Back Yard' or SWIMBY (in a way transforming the NIMBY acronym which we have all heard many times)

The project has come out of a 12 month residency which Regen SW (A centre for expertise in sustainable energy - where I work) where Matt developed a whole lot of poetry about sustainable energy. - You can see some of the films of these poems on youtube: (we're releasing new ones daily at the moment to help us promote the musical project)
You can see a free e-copy of the book here:

We intend to use some of this material in the musical; So the roots of this project are firmly embedded in exploring and collaborating together to build a new energy future.

We don't know the specifics of the story yet, but we expect to see songs about
- how a drop in an ocean can make all the difference - the power of individual and community action
- recipies for collaboration - how to be pleasant, to listen and to be heard
- generations of generation - how energy generation has changed so quickly and will change again (with renewables being the inevitable long term solution)
- what we use energy for, what we work for and what work we want electricity to do for us
- how incredible the elemental forces are that surround us and how ingenious people are at harnessing them

I've only put a handful of the ideas down here, we hope to clarify what these might be in our meetings with transition and community energy groups during the development period - We're keen to discover what the challenges and achievements of real people doing real work are and celebrate those things

I hope this answers your question somewhat!