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Check out: Lamon Luther, the company born as a tribute to dying generation of craftsmen. Below mentioned is the link:

Stumbled upon the story recently. Village in the woods, a make shift camp of people who left jail, builders and craftsmen who had fallen hard in life who were looking for one chance in their life.

The story is an inspiration, hope and opportunity. I hope this might help to connect with the topic emotionally.

World war has taught us a lot and many things of luxury we enjoy today has been the outcome of a tragic event of the past.. Post war contribution to design and technology has been tremendous. I really appreciate for bringing up the point of women’s participation in the war. Breaking the stereotypic societies, changing the beliefs and practices has always been difficult. Changing the value system is not easy but the impact is multifold. If we try uncover the trigger for such events, it turns out they are ‘deeply attached’ with the communities. The challenge we working towards to bring rapid transition, I believe can be achieved if we can leverage something that communities are really attached to or passionate about which will result into immediate adoption.

With the support from Mindtree Foundation, considering few important aspects for community development: Security (Neighborhood watch), Economic Opportunities (Business/ Manufacturing Unit), Education, Child care, Health care; as a stepping stone the initiative will kick start addressing Women’s safety and security concerns, leveraging media for its effective functioning.
The Idea posted covers the entire vision of the WFC set up forming a long term plan.

Six week project plan will involve establishing the initial set up, understanding the community background, resources available, constraints and individual commitment/ bandwidth for WFC operations. Understanding the resources available the project will be taking forward with a T-model approach to execute one of the aspect of community development like neighborhood watch group (security) or one from other four aspects successfully.

Focusing on building a ‘neighborhood watch group’ the individuals will be trained by local law enforcement agency forming a network of vigilant residents within the community. They will play an important role establishing an initial set up and form the backbone for the smooth functioning of the community and WFC group.

They will form an extra eyes and ears in the community, reporting concerns to be resolved for community development. Their responsibility will be also like a supporting body, working against the illegal activities happening within and acts like eve teasing, abuse, exploitation, harassment, molestation etc. to keep a watch on and be accessible for residents to reach out to. The will play an important role regulating various activities like Social Gathering, neighborhood club and managing news center.

For its smooth functioning and community acceptance media will be used effectively creating a strong eco system utilizing the available resources from within the system.