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InMyHands is a creative way for independent types to capture and update end-of-life wishes, without navigating complex systems and forms.

InMyHands is a creative way for independent types to capture and update end-of-life wishes, without navigating complex systems and forms.

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Kay is a physician and rheumatologist who has been a fantastic source of ideas and a great critical thinker.

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Kay commented on InMyHands

Hi Liz 
yes gender neutral characters for each age group would be a great idea.
This could be tested in development phase.
I can see the concerns about ensuring an ACP is readily available at the appropriate time. This is relevant in case of a dramatic sudden health event such as stroke, heart attack or injury.  Hopefully at these times there will be a next of kin/ friend who is aware of the ACP.  This may or may not be the care companion.
I presume a 'contact' hierarchy could be factored in quite easily. Contacting a local medical doctor out of hours may be more difficult than contacting a friend or family.  Given the lack of fully functional centralised medical records this will be important to cover. 
Hope these are helpful ideas.
cheers Kay


Kay commented on InMyHands

Hi Liz
the concept of InMyHands is developing as a realistic option for self driven advanced care planning (ACP).
I had a few thoughts also.
-The concept of 'like me' options I think can be a great way for people to start. One suggestion would be to switch the gender of the 2 older or 2 younger options so that it is not only the 'female' story that has a significant past medical history, (or you could have a gender toggle at this point for those who gender identify). I suggest this more because historically men may not address health issues as much as women and may be quick to de-identify with a 'character'.
-The issue of timely access of an ACP to a health facility in an acute event is critical to the effective application of a persons health wishes. I wonder if a secure record of the ACP, via document/video/in App content, could be held on your own smart phone with or without a copy held by your 'care companion' as an option. The ehealth records are not widely used enough at this point to be the only option.
-Disseminating your end of life wishes 'too early' may be a barrier but if held more privately could encourage a higher rate of uptake.
-I suspect that a secure electronic signature, with a verification process, of an ACP could be setup to reduce hard copies and witnessing issues.
Hope these thoughts are of interest and I look forward to seeing where this progresses to.
thanks Liz


Kay commented on InMyHands

Hi Liz this concept is fantastic. The ability of individuals to easily and simply express their end of life wishes  would not only offer comfort to the individual, their family and friends but also comfort to the healthcare givers to deliver appropriate medical care. A self driven and self initiated plan prompted by InMyHands that can translate into a medical environment could be a valuable tool in delivery of health services, not only at the end of life but before. I will be interested to see how this concept progresses.