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Chavah commented on A Structure to Develop and a Recipe for a Well Being

Yes, Ashley, and I think it is hard for one who is experiencing constant challenges to what they are accustomed to calling "well", to believe and feel that they are a "well being". The holistic idea, as I see it is like a broad, diversified financial portfolio. When one stock goes down, another goes up and makes up for the falling stock. If people have a few "backups" in place, maybe the challenges maybe won't be so painful. There can be somewhat of a balance if one thing remains strong enough to compensate for another that weakens.


Chavah commented on Amazing Support

I'm anxious to see how it works.


Chavah commented on Examples We Can Learn From Now

Hi Beth, Your post inspires me to envision a list of ALL of the support systems, vendors, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, businesses, government, preschools, and general people (A big list, huh!?). Then like lottery tickets, draw two at a time. Pair up the two that were drawn and set them in motion. Imagine what any mix could do together! We would have so much energy, innovation, and good that it would become a natural, organic no-brainer.
I think we should work toward an involved global community for healthy aging from birth. It would increase engagement, accountability, profit, hope, and happiness. The recipe simply has to be put together and the pot stirred so it doesn't burn!
I posted a sort of recipe idea on this same thread.