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Charmaine commented on Benchmark, Guide, Monitor.

I agree. Cutting out bad sugars and most processed foods is the easiest way to begin good eating habits. I actually use coconut sugar now, in place of normal sugar. By doing so, it has reduced my sugar cravings to practically obsolete levels.


Charmaine commented on Encouraging Active Behavior in Day-to-Day Activities

I'm usually very fit when I'm at home. I think this is because I have a regular routine. I eat well and go to the gym at least 3 times a week. However, when I am on holidays, I somehow don't have the motivation to go to even the hotel gym (I think it's because I'm on holiday mode = relaxation). So, I actually use something like this to keep in shape while I am away. If I'm say on the 7th floor, I'd take the stairs up/down everytime I need to go to my room etc. Every little bit helps.

Every little bit of activity helps. I have always been very active as a child, playing a lot of sports, athletics etc. But when I got to adulthood, I became less active. However, approximately 10 years ago, I decided to keep in shape by simply just walking to the train station rather than the 5-minute drive. It boosted my alertness at work. Since then, I have just escalated my fitness level. I play sports whenever I can - baseball, flag football, skiing etc, on top of my regular gym. So, for those who would like to start their fitness journey, the smallest ways to stay active are a very good start.. You'll be surprised!