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Hi Dima! Good question. I was thinking for the first concept, that I'd make the screened buildings look more like a colorful and futuristic, neon-y night-time version of Times Square. I think that'd be fun because it could almost be something some people would aspire to, like the prize of a contest, "Participate to our contest by submitting all your pictures and information about yourself and run the chance to get your picture shown all over Times Square". I think that portrays the strange relationship we have as a society with fame versus privacy. We are aware that the lines of privacy are constantly blurred with more and more "surveillance" scandals everyday, and we know we're contributing to it, but hey, me and my kid could be famous!

And for the second concept, I think I'd make sure there are more people in the train station, maybe in one common color to make sure my guy and his clone stand out as exact copies, skin color, hair, outfit and all. I also typically work with bright colors and simple organic shapes, and a friend pointed out that I'd probably have to go a little darker\grimmer with this, but I think it would actually be interesting to present these darkish concepts in my usual bright tones. I'm not actually trying to be alarmist and negative, actually in contrast, I'm just trying to show that all of these potentially scary things are happening right in the middle of our generally bright happy lives, and we need to educate ourselves.


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I'm liking these, TJ. I find I easily get lost trying to pin down metaphors and when taking a step back, it looks like it needs a manual to really understand, which is kind of the opposite of what web illustration is supposed to do, I think. I like how your concepts are pretty spot on, simple and clean. Looking forward to seeing how they will develop, style-wise!

Hi Leila! Thanks for the ref about the book, it seems really interesting. I looked it up and actually got lost in a reading a bunch of related summaries and discussions about today's best dystopian literature, so thanks for that!