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Camila commented on Idea: Cultural Potluck Days

Andy Shaw  I had a work environment in which we had a system of sharing meals that now that I look back on it, completely promoted gratitude. The basic idea was the following:
Set up a large whiteboard monthly calendar a month before (ie in August set up for September9
People sign up for the days in which they are willing to bring a meal for the entire group of participants
On their assigned "Lunch Club" day, the person brings in a meal from their place of heritage. The team shares a meal together.
Pros: you only cook once and eat with others all month long
Cons: if you forget on your day, nobody has a meal and not everyone can participate as there are only 20 work days in the month.

Let me know your thoughts!


Camila commented on The 'Panchayudha' baby monitor

WOW! This sounds amazing if it can reach fruition.

This seems like a phenomenal idea for places that do have connectivity. Trang Phan How can this be tailored to reach places that have little or no connectivity?