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Gajendra commented on The Compassion Box

Thought provoking ! Thank you Ms. Grover for ideating and making people like me who are caught in the routine monotonous storms (or whirlpools if you may), to step back and think about compassion for care givers.
In Indian society, any mental or psychological ailment is associated with a stigma, mainly because it also tends to be associated with genes. Something which runs in the family. OCD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia and even Dementia are shoved into a closet. Even educated families resort to alternative solutions through God-men and strange rituals. In this context a Care giver goes through a far more greater trauma as compared to a care receiver, especially since s/he is also pursuing a parallel normal life.
A compassion box which can start conversations, create awareness and gently nudge the microenvironment towards acceptance is much needed. Awareness, acceptance and understanding that anyone can be affected and that mental illness are perfectly normal by the micro environment, is half the battle won. If we are able to take the stress off from the care giver, the relationship between the care giver-receiver and the micro-environment would improve, thereby helping the receiver to respond better to the treatment !!!
India needs more awareness and acceptance which this compassion box can initiate. Simple ideas can start a revolution.
It’s time for all of us to take the plain colourless paper within us and fold it into an Origami of a butterfly and help start many conversations of Compassion !! Once again, Thank you Ms. Grover. Wishing you success !