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Thank YOU Paul for your follow up inquiry! I apologize for the delay responding as I am away on a family medical emergency. The project we have shared here is based on a few years of experimentation and preparations to be able to implement the delivery of Successful Life, Work and Entrepreneurship Skills training to substantial numbers of participants, primarily through strategic alliances. For example, in our previous award-winning programs we developed with and for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) in Illinois and Indiana, we have already developed (and or acquired) a comprehensive inventory of tested and proven training programs on successful life and work skills including topics such as: having a positive attitude; goal-setting; motivation; time management; effective decision making; creative thinking and problem solving; effective communication skills; leadership and team building; prosperity consciousness and financial management skills, etc. In addition we collaborated with a Public Housing Authority Residents Organization to develop and conduct an interest survey that allowed us to design and deliver specific training programs based on the level of interest expressed by participants.

The success of those training programs on basic life and work success skills, we were asked by the City of Kankakee, Illinois to accept a HUD Community Development Block Grant to design and deliver a Microenterprise Development program which was quite successful. Our primary participants were primarily single head of household women living in low income public housing.

Similarly the award-winning Success Center Partnership we developed and implemented with and for the Muncie, Indiana Public Housing Authority that received state and national recognition from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials included proprietary programs, publications and training-of-trainers facilitation manuals on successful life and work skills.

We are contacting those and other major HUD funded Public Housing Authorities inviting them to explore collaboration in developing a response to the Jobs Plus Program funds available for PHAs. In the United States, we have found that the several thousand Indian and Public Housing Authorities to be ideal strategic alliance partners. They serve low income residents especially youth and women, they have training facilities, equipment and staff responsible for helping address the residents' housing, educational, social and economic needs to help them transition from public to private housing when and as they are able to do so. And perhaps most significantly, the PHAs have access every year to major funding available from HUD and other Federal Agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services, the Labor Department, Commerce Department, etc. In addition we have identified several major private foundations that support and fund programs for successful life and work skills training, empowerment, entrepreneurship development, etc. Once one (or perhaps) more of the PHAs accept our invitation to collaborate and help them successfully apply for and obtain funding from HUD (or other funding sources) for the implementation of our programs as revised and refined based on their residents' needs and local situations, we will work with their key staff to created User Experience Maps specific to the relevant local circumstances. Thank you again Paul for your supportive interest and this question!


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Greetings David and Thomas, Thank you for following up. Yes we are certainly interested in continuing to explore possible collaboration as that is a key strategy for all of our enterprises. However it may be a few days before I am able to fully engage as I am still out of town on a family medical emergency. Please do keep me/us in the communication loop and thanks again for including us!

I am amazed at the ultimate blockchain opportunities that I have only recently been introduced to for facilitating Planetary Peace and Prosperity! As a community economic development specialist who resonates with Bucky Fuller's vision of "betterment for 100% of humanity", I especially appreciate how this initiative is dedicated "For the good of all humanity."

The founders and the organization are guided by and committed to the 17 Sustainable Development (SDG) goals that were established to bring peace and prosperity to all humans by 2030 by the United Nations and signed by 193 World Leaders in 2015. See the Unify Earth: Harmonizing the Blockchain Official White Paper and other introductory information at There is also a beautiful free mini-ebook created by Christopher Lee Van Buren of Launch Moxie that was developed for Earth Day available at #unifyearth