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Chan-Hee commented on let's water: Bottle Rental Service

Hi Daniel! I'm one of the contributors and we are definitely interested in adding more items to our potential offerings. We started with bottles because they are the most common plastic items in circulation today, and are the most responsible in polluting the environment. By tackling the biggest source of plastic pollution, we can more effectively address the issue of reducing the amount of waste. The current idea we have may suit offering reusable cups but not food containers, as their shapes, form-factors, and use-cases are not similar enough.


Chan-Hee commented on let's water: Bottle Rental Service

Simon Dunne thanks for the feedback!

The idea is still in its early stages so we are still exploring payment options. The system could be a monthly subscription with the user paying for a bottle (or N number) to be able to rent. Refilling with water could be free (or very cheap) with other beverages costing money (also cheap relative to purchasing bottles) charged through the user's account. Users are incentivized to use "drynk" refillable bottles or even their own to stay hydrate throughout the day. Users could reclaim some of the subscription cost if they manage to not lose their bottles for a certain time period while incurring an extra cost if they do lose one.

I envision this system being rolled out in dense urban areas with high foot traffic (subway/bus/ train stations, mall, coffee shops, theme parks, sports arena's, etc.) and specifically at locations where people would visit at least once a visit (near bathrooms as they already have water fountains there, food courts, entrance/exits, etc). A system like this could even work in synergy with bike-sharing systems since people will likely need to rehydrate after completing a trip. Placing one of these "drynk" machines with specialized bottles for bikes near the rental kiosks could also boost sales and convenience.

I think a solution like this tackles the root cause of much of the plastic waste produced per year, 27-48% of which are plastic bottles. We will reconvene and map out the user-journey to better convey our vision.