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Christian commented on Stand By Me

Hi Danuza Neiva !! Hope you are well!, as promised here's a more advanced look into the UI design of the platform :). I will keep working on it in a few weeks. Thanks!!


Christian commented on Stand By Me

Hi Danuza Neiva !

Oh, I understand, yes that's a good point. I think we can adopt the same rating system that trust driven communities apply in their apps. Like BlaBlaCar does with their carpooling community for instance. Tomorrow I will start working on a more practical prototype that I would like to display on Marvel or Invision, so it can be tested properly. If you want once I have it i can pass it to you for very welcomed feedback :).

Thank you! Take care!


Christian commented on Stand By Me

Hi Danuza Neiva ,

Thank you very much for your interest. I love your approach too. It's very sad to read the current situation in Brazil (lived in Rio one year) I hope that this initiative can help arise ideas to help the less favoured brazilians get through. As well as in other parts of the world. Sadly this situation is hitting us at a global scale and everybody is vulnerable.

Regarding to your questions:

-Do you think about attracting the mentor with some kind of gamification?: Very good question. I think it's important that the mentor has accountability over its actions. Not only for improvement but also for keeping the mentor motivated. And gamification could be a great idea to achieve this. What's your opinion on this?

-Do you think about involving other stakeholders who can contribute without being mentors? Schools could play an important role in feedback on student performance and manage resources. : Yes, schools, social workers and even corporations are very much needed to bring this idea alive. As it requires technical resources, and backup in many areas, I couldn't imagine this project without involving them.

- How to guarantee the commitment of parents and students to the correct use of resources?: There will be constant feedback to be provided by the mentors and students, as well as the parents. If one of the parts doesn't collaborate we would need to investigate the reason for this and take action always thinking for the best of the mentors and students.

- How would monitoring be carried out?: The mentoring will be carried out depending on the technical capabilities of the students. Considering some of them may have little to even no access to a computer, the sessions will be arranged taking profit of the possibilities disposed to the students (some may do the sessions by webcam, others by phone, etc...).

Muito obrigado Danuza! :)