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Hello Chris,

A couple thoughts. The value of the professional athlete's advice is completely dependent on how engaging and 'real' the story comes across. You may have watched the 30 for 30, "Broke" which deals with this very concept of how prevalent financial short comings are to these professional athletes. They mention in the documentary that the NFL has a very structured education series for every new person who enters the league to try an combat this very issue, and they bring in very famous previous athletes who have had financial issues to speak on them...but still the rates are so high. For that reason, I am hesitant to think that a professional athlete coming and speaking to high school kids will have much impact long term.

But I do think you are on to a much larger solution...there needs to be an infrastructure within high schools and universities for students who want to go into sports which leads to financial understanding and competency. Imagine if every division 1 athletics department had a major in sports finance and marketing that allowed for students to be engaged and reinforced positive financial decisions that would be applicable to all future career decisions. The same goes for high schools; there needs to be an applied mathematics infrastructure that deals with real word math. Algebra is great, but requiring a core course in finance which would create much more deep seeded understandings of real world issues would be much more useful long term.

I think having a professional athlete(s) who would begin championing this idea of restructuring how finance is taught and at what age the teachings should begin would be incredibly powerful, but I think that it needs to go much further than just talks.

I can't wait to see where this idea goes. Hope this helps. I'd love to hear your feedback and discuss further.

Chris B.

Hello Tina,

I think your concept is very powerful (as everyone seems to agree below). My question is related to Hoong's; how would this be implemented into communities? Gamification is typically a very powerful tool, especially for the millennial generation you are targeting. While I love the concept of learning finance in 30 seconds or less, figuring out how to engage in a way that creates lasting impressions is becoming increasingly challenging (especially with the millennial generation).

I think providing the napkin set either paired with, or as an independent MOOC could be one way to increase engagement. While current MOOC completion percentages aren't overly impressive, it would certainly allow for those who are committed to learning about finance a community and collaborative process for learning. It would also serve as a means to hold an individual accountable for engaging in a more meaningful way with your great product. A video to help explain each napkin would be incredibly powerful and and informative way to make sure the people using the content have more than one way of learning.

I look forward to following the product! Best of luck!