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Caroline commented on Youth Educational Diplomacy for Global Leadership

Dr. Angwenyi, 

Great idea and one that I support fully. I think if Kenyan youth are given the opportunity to get involved in an educational diplomacy exchange, they can learn a great deal from their expereince and then transfer those skills back to Kenya. I look forward to working with you and being a part of your team.


Caroline commented on Urban Food Hubs Solution

Hi Chioma, 

In addition to what our team have already stated, I would like to underscore the potential for this project to lift people out of poverty or out of the urban slums/temporary settlements. Part of the business model to make it possible to achieve this goal, is by employing the low income/urban settlers, they gain some for of equity in the system and once they put in their time and sweat, they not only gain transferrable technical skills but they also gain equity in which they continue to have profit share or even capped residual income after they have completed their employment assignment at the facility. This is all dependent on a profitable business model which we hope will create capacity to expand to other locations/regions/countries. 


Caroline commented on Urban Food Hubs Solution

Today I had an exploratory meeting with the Dean of UDC's Research Farm, and gained some valuable feedback. Here is a summary:
- UDC currently has an MOU with Malawi to develop a similar project in Malawi. This means that UDC is open to building partnerships to replicate their technology in Africa. This would also allow us to learn from their best practices. 
-Getting buy in from the local communities such as church organizations, academic institutions, local governments and NGO's is very crucial for the project/idea to become sustainable and successful. 
-This is how our partnership would be implemented with UDC; Ideally, a team of 5-6 members of our team are invited to UDC for a 10 day training course on how to set up, run and operate the system. Then she will send her team of 3 experts to go and assist with the set up in Kenya.
-The capital costs involved are cost to purchase and set up the system (fish farm patented technology) as well training costs for our team. Other costs ofcourse will involve freight logistics, land purchase/lease, operating and overhead cost.  Once in operation, the system requires no maintenance, but just runs on 1 horsepower pump. So this means that there are no major recurring maintenance costs. 

That was just a high level summary of what our project would look like to get it off the ground. It will require us to create relationships with our main stakeholders, and reaching out especially to those that can pave the way and embrace this kind of development. 
Since I already have an existing relationship with the Kenyan Embassy here in Washington DC, I will reach out to them with a proposal. The same applies to academic institutions and local organizations in Kenya. 
This insight can be used to set expectations on the project implementation stages, and depending on the award, can be modified accordingly. Comments??

@Chioma Ume
  Tom Cornish Wekesa Zablon