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Caroline commented on In-home Early Childhood Education (Little Ripples Ponds)

Dear Katie-Jay, congratulations to your idea and hard work. I watched recently a documentary about the Breidjing Camp in Chad. (Here the link - The camp exists as I remember about 10 years. The government of Chad - as host government - has decided to put in place the chadien curriculum in primary schools. The responds from the refugee community was that they stopped sending their children to school - because they are afraid to loose their Dafurian identity. So your approach seems very right - also in bringing in the women as "agents of change". There have been many stories about Syrian refugees who rolled up their sleeves to help their fellow country men/ women/ children. And what also supports your approach are the stories of - mostly women (for those that I saw) - who fled their country and who take care of unaccompanied children along the way and in the camps. Good luck!


Caroline commented on "Cultural Hug" - Language and Cultural School of Refugees

Dear Andre, I think this should be a "natural" approach to capture what each person has to give to the community - refugee or not. I like about it that the refugees come in because their "specific skill/ knowledge" is in demand - usually "they" are portrayed as "receivers" only without highlighting what they can give. My questions/ observations are: each country handles the "employability" of refugees differently (i.e. their legal status, etc) so I wonder about them earning money. Therefore the "non-monetary" part of your program (teaching them sth about the new country/ city they live in or train certain skills) seems a great solution. How do you reach out to the "refugee community"? Do you help the participating refugees to enter the local labor market and find a job? I think this is a fantastic way of social and economic integration. Good luck.