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Chase commented on Solein - Food out of thin air

The value in this idea is clear. To be able to produce protein without the negatives of CO2 emission and a much less amount of fresh water would be incredible. It would change many of the projections of the deforestation of the earth over the next 30 years if we can provide food for the growing global population with the efficiency stated above.

The idea sounds too great to fail if everything stated is true, honestly if the protein being able to be created is already a thing then I'm wondering why this hasn't swept the nation (US) already. I'm assuming there is a lot more testing to be done. I would worry most about this being presented as an immediate solution that would turn the earth around over the next 30 years. Mostly because we have no idea how this type of protein and consuming it en masse will effect the animals claiming to be able to be created or how humans will react to eating this type of protein consistently over time. That's something that not only requires testing but also just takes more time than seems to be available for this protein to be the answer to todays problems. I hope there is just more testing needed until we can move forward with this full tilt but if we don't know how animals and humans react to a diet of this over a life cycle or so then it seems we haven't done our due diligence. The potential upside of this is astronomical but I think it can be easy to look ahead without answering some of the questions that seem to be in our face currently.