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Ricardo commented on The Sun Barter

Hello Seyi, Its so inspiring to read your plans on the drying center. It brings me back to the past here in my country. Keep on, you can achieve something on the idea of Drying Centers. I wish you all the success on this.  Thank you for adding me in your team. I hope to be of help. Cheers!!


Ricardo commented on The Sun Barter

Thank you Brendan, You're quite right! Cooperativesim  do bring  many opportunities.  Typical support system such as micro financing, insurance, market entities are attracted to Cooperatives as it is organized and measurable in terms agri business potential.  I would say that farmers tend to recognize this "grouping" as a necessity. Its the next step up that needs "stirring" by community leaders if no group is available yet.


Ricardo commented on The Sun Barter

Dear Seyi, so nice we can converse on this actively. Thank you!
We have a name for such an environment for creating an incubation room for farmers products that can vision a large impact. We call it a Farmers Service Center. Inside it are processing equipment where dehydartor is a part of. There is a packaging system that labels and packs the produce. There is also a storage facility suited for very perishable products and finshed products, there is also the handlers/transport group who takes  care of hauling and bringing it to the center, then take it to buyers after. The center is operated by farmers themselves. We put up training modules for the members of the center who operates it. We hired a knolegeable and experience manager who takes care of the entire operator. Its like an independent unit but the members are actually farmers theselves who were chosen broadly from participating farmer groups. The budget for these is from a loan and pledges partly of government who have the heart for it.  It wasnt easy but exactly what motivates me then together with my think tank group or team.  I say in all aspects i have the farmer groups involved and we report to them. There is a certain specific activities also to motivate farming sector to increase yield and keeping them abreast with the economic status of the program. They benefit from the profit by way of commodity loans or family loans at a rate friendlier than the commercial banks (thanks to government banks).  We run to various problems but to date it remained an inspiration to other farmers and other places.  Its still an ongoing struggle even if I have to retire from it. 
On your second note, the dehydrator I invented is really so cheap to fabricate in our place then. I was hoping it get useful to others even your country. I had it produce thru a homebased fabricator ( auto mechanic friends) as a side line to also increase their income.  Only very few were sold by them as I have to leave for a while.  I am sure there many other creative groups in your area and I can share how to build it and one day they may even find improvement for it. No big deal to make just follow the  critical aspects of the design. In time, when you decide how you want to go I can share all that I know through this stream. I wanted you to feel the drive I had and be a stunning inspiration to others.  
I am not certain if battling the national sentiment to dominate the globalistic competitors hold water really. I wish I could make use of their resources to advance our countryside farmers to be like them in the future rather than fight their domination. Seyi this is a hard issue, even these 'elite' giants are fellow human being. I rather raise their conciousness to know our labor and pain. Some of them are really kind too as they rise and stand with the farmers we knew.
All the best to you. Keep your midset open and unprejudiced for us to see and sense other important things.