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Clélie commented on Sleeping bag for the homeless and refugees

What a wonderful idea and project supporting such an important cause!

You explain in your presentation that your target market is people in need, homeless and refugee mainly; but this population probably cannot afford such product. Have you thought about partnerships with organizations such as the United Nation, or the European Union for instance? I know that reception of refugees is an important issue for them and that they are constantly looking for innovative and cheaper solutions like yours.

Just one more question: what would be the price of such a product? What is your added value compared to existing products on the market? Is it in terms of heat capacity and quality or is it in terms of quality-price ratio? We already have some very effective products on the market; but not affordable for homeless and refuges, nor for NGOs that work with them.

Excited to learn more about your company and product!


Clélie commented on Chindi—Handmade accessories using recycled yarn

What a wonderful idea and project!

Can you tell us more about your process of yarn creation? You talked about a yarn “mechanically pulped and woven”. Do you need to use chemicals to achieve this process or did you find a solution to avoid the use of such products?

I have also questions about the length of the process. How long does it take to create one bag, from the extraction process to the finished product? Being handmade, I suppose it is quite long; therefore, would you be able to respond a potential demand rapidly?

Excited to learn more about your company and product!


Clélie commented on Sponge City Mats

What a wonderful idea! This “sponge city” concept is really inspiring!

Would your solution be suitable for pitched roofs or do you only target flat roofs? I know that some companies have found solution for green roof with a slope of up to 60%; but it required innovation to avoid an accumulation of water in a given place, and to distribute the weight correctly.

Moreover, green roofs ensure a high level of water absorption thanks to the plant itself. The remaining water is released into the air by evaporation, or released into the pipes with a delay time. In the absence of plants, does it mean that the roof is less efficient and absorb less water?

Excited to learn more about your company and product!