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David commented on GreenStand

Dear Willoughby, I like your comment a lot. Yes, checks and balances must be in place. What, in your experience, is the best practice??


David commented on Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator

Dear Christina Schwanke - thanks a lot for your links despite you being very busy on your project! It is indeed not good to "grill" birds like this.

It is my general take without praising ourselves too much - that our model where we send the solar beam down underground, to a stone storage, is better. I will take up with Thomas, what we can do on OUR side, such that we do not - even in our diminished scale - face this problem.

We have - in our standard setup - likely some 8 to 16 mirrors concentrating into the same point. This produces a strong heat - but - even with 16 mirrors concentrating to the same point, you can still hold your hand in the reflection, for some 1 minute, after which you will feel too hot. It means that indeed one can fly through with no problem. For the eyes it is ALSO not a problem. Because on the retina, if you look towards the reflectors, all you see is 16 different images of the sun - on each their part of the retina. So there is also no risk of blindness as the strong light is so irritating so that one does not stand there looking into the 16 suns.

We will be checking out this, if we receive requests for higher concentration than a factor 16.

I share into the concern that we shall not create so called "renewable" energy, which as a side effect kills off animals.


David Svarrer


David commented on Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator

Dear Our Workshop - don't worry about the confusion about speaking to 2 people. It is also difficult for Thomas and I to write exactly every second letter, each of us. So when writing the word "Dear", then David types D, Thomas types e, David types a, Thomas types r. Very very difficult to synchronize, but - every time we manage it anyway. So, we understand you in full.. Sincerely David/Thomas.