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"Changing the world from disposable to reusable one meal at a time."

"Changing the world from disposable to reusable one meal at a time."

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Erica commented on AGREENOZZI

Hi Daniel! Thank you so much for your questions on OZZI. We sell both the machine, as well as the O2GO containers. The customer can order containers from us based on volume of users and the amount of machines, so the program really is customizable to the location or corporation. For example, on college campuses, the school will charge the student for the use of a O2GO container. They can then take that container wherever they please, the library or their dorm, or even to their home, and then can return in back to the machine on their way back to the cafeteria. Once they insert their container, the machine gives them a token for their next meal purchase. This gives the incentive to return the container, leading to the success of the program. Some students could have a few containers. As for your question on sanitizing the containers, once the machine is full, it notifies dining services to come and empty the machine. They then run the containers through the standard dishwasher with standard soap for proper sanitization by the health department. I hope I was able to answer some of your questions! If you have any other questions or ideas, don't hesitate to ask! Thank you.


Erica commented on AGREENOZZI

Hi Kate! Thank you so much for your interest.

In response to “OpenIDEO”, we are applying for a grant to establish a “OpenIDEO Going Green Grant”. With the launch of the O2GO by OZZI product line in June, 2017, which has received NSF certification, OZZI is now poised for explosive growth and impact on its waste reduction technologies. All trademarks patents, products, manufacturing, marketing and sales are ready to respond to the thousands of qualified inquiries on the OZZI SYSTEM. If we receive this grant, we would use is to give back to non-profit colleges and universities. They will receive a grant from the establishment of an “OpenIDEO OZZI Going Green Fund”. To receive a grant from this fund applicants would be required to take the single-use plastic waste reduction pledge. Based on this, established participants will be awarded a grant for the startup of a Going Green Program through the Going Green Fund established by OpenIDEO and OZZI. Each grant recipient receiving a funding grant will then adhere to requirements of the program using the O2GO line to reduce single-use plastic and/or disposable containers on campus.

“Going Green Business Model”

Qualified recipients will receive a $4,000.00 grant from the “OpenIDEO Going Green Fund”.
Grant pays $4,000.00 for startup for non-profit colleges and universities (see partial list of interested colleges attached)
College agrees to purchase 8,000 containers over a 60-month period.
Each program grant will have an estimated 8,000 O2GO containers x 300 uses replacing 2,400,000 disposable single-use containers.


• Waste reduction estimated 2,400,000 single-use containers over 60 months
• Savings to Colleges: Reduction in purchase of single-use containers of $350,000-$480,000 in what is nominally a 7%-9% disposable paper or single-use budget.
• Savings in waste hauling, carbon foot impact reduction, obtainment of ZERO waste goals.

With a grant from OpenIDEO of $150,000.00 to fund the grants for colleges, approximately 37 OZZI systems will be placed thoughout the USA in the next 12 months. The overall impact could be an astounding 37 systems x 2,400,000 over 60 months = Overall 88,800,000 single-use plastic or single-use containers eliminated from reaching our landfills and waste stream.

This is a real product and not in development. With your awarding us a grant this program is ready for implementation. Colleges and customers are standing by awaiting funding approval. The grant process application would be announced, awarded and OZZI systems would be immediately implemented. OZZI has commitments from US manufactures for capacity and scalability for 350-700 systems a year. A second grant of $150,000 will enable the complete line of O2GO products to be 100% made in the USA as well using 50% recycled products number 5 plastic from the USA.

We are respectfully asking the consideration of the board of OpenIdeo for consideration of a grant to enable this launch of the OZZI program which has already received accolades and acceptance across the USA and Canada.

I did add some additional documents to our post to better validate the information here. Thanks again!