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I have posted the report of a research that combined synthetic phonics method with the use of teachers' mobile phones.

Well said Kieran. Combining synthetic phonics and the mobile phone technology achieves great results for teaching literacy skills as shown by a research in which I combined the synthetic phonics method and teachers' mobile phones. I share my conclusion and recommendation here. The full article can be read at:

The teachers liked to have synthetic phonics materials delivered on their mobile phones. In the words of some of the teachers who participated in the research:
"'I can listen to it anywhere, anytime"
"The phone is always in my pocket and listen to the sounds anywhere and anytime I want. "
"I prefer it on my mobile phone; my mobile phone is always on me."

" I listen to it very often, all the time, at least two times a day, even today, I forgot a sound and I listened to the recording for a reminder. I listen to it when I’m preparing my lesson ..... every day, and many times a day. Before I start teaching phonics lesson each day."

Conclusions and recommendations
The teachers’ experience of having the tools for preparing their lessons on CDs and on mobile phones is that it was a valuable addition to the synthetic phonics method of teaching English. The teachers were pleased to integrate this form of technology into their lesson preparation as it was easy to use and they were sure of its usefulness. Teachers felt comfortable having the teaching aid stored on their mobile phones indicating that more attention should be focused on the use of the mobile phones as a tool for lesson preparation when necessary. Such aids should be those which require as little memory space as possible. As teachers become more familiar with a particular aid, (e.g. when they get used to the sounds and do not need to constantly listen to them anymore) they should be encouraged to delete those aids which are no longer needed so as to allow space for newer ones. Further research should be carried out to determine other tools which are readily available to the teachers and could be used to improve their skills at no extra cost.

I applaud this project. It will enhance reading and writing skills of children in low-income communities.