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Kelly - I see one of my collaborators, Larry Schaefer, got back to you before I picked up this message. I just got back from San Diego where I attended a conference on Energy and CEA facilities driven largely by the marijuana industry. Larry is the aquaculture person with knowledge of hydroponics. I have a knowledge of hydroponics and am the climate control expert. If you are interested in aquaponics rather that straight aquaculture, we both have information to share. Training is paramount in either application, but understanding the climate control aspects for aquaponics is essential beyond that for simple aquaculture. Larry is right about the the high rate of failure, but having good construction management plans with commissioning support is just as important as the scientific knowledge for a successful business. I have a complete development process model for the US, but may need to be different for foreign installations. Each area will be somewhat different so there is no 'silver bullet' for any installation. I am starting conversations with a subdivision of Bosch, a German Engineering and Technology company, about implementation strategies. BTW, Bosch is 92% owned by the Robert Bosch Stiftung charitable institution. Can you be more specific about what you are looking at? I am glad to collaborate. PS you should not assume any of these projects are 'plug and play'. They must fit into the knowledge, social and economic structure of where they are located.

I am glad you are making head way. Our submission is in and I think it stacks up well with other submissions. Anouncements will be made week of March 2. When will you be back?


Bill commented on The Path to Maryland’s New Food Future

Your web page is still listed as 'open submission', but I assume you got it in on time. I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and have a chat now that we are in the 'waiting for judging mode'. I like to look ahead with a positive attitude. I see lyou are in Tokoma Park and that Christine Hoch is listged in DC. I am in Crystal City, Arlington. Maybe you and I or the three of us could get together some time. I have made a formal agreement to work with two other people that submitted to the prize. One is now in Africa, but the other, Elizabeth Nymen, might also join us. As my submission states, I am soon to be 75 and I am purposely looking for '30 something' to work with on what could be a long term project. My phone is 703 489 0995 and my email is Feb. 10 - 20 is the time I have open. Let me know what you think about getting together.