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Daryl commented on Purpose Workshops

I have found that training/learning for any type of job is fruitless if you don't enjoy it. Never in my "career" have I worked solely for money. Do something you love to do, and if you are any good at all the money will come on its own. Sure you are not going to love every day, but work for the purpose of your job.

Over the years I have had some pretty rough jobs, early on it was a lot of labour jobs, pipelining, swamping on trucks, farm work, whatever, but I always did it with a smile on my face. More than once I have gotten a job by showing up and just going to work, for free even. After a month or two the money started to come. And so it went through a few "career" changes.

For me trades was the way to go, I was not really gifted, but I did get good grades without trying to hard. I could have been a little unfocused at the time as well, no one in my family was academic. This was in the days when if you didn't get the grades you didn't move on, no automatic pass like today. (it was also uphill to school, both ways)

Through all of this I just worked and learned, whatever I did I tried to do it the best I could. Thirty years later I have the corner office in my own multi-million dollar company.

I still enjoy my job/career despite the usual daily ups and downs, or monthly up and downs even.

Maybe what it comes down to is forgetting about that "career" (that word should not be in anybody's vocabulary until they are in their mid-late 20's) Go out and work, there is lots of it to be done. Find a niche you fall into. That career you trained for in high school, college, university, will seldom be where you end up anyways. Use that experience to learn to learn. Its not about the subject matter necessarily, it is about training your mind to cut to the chase. Always ask yourself, "what are they trying to teach me and what am I really trying to learn".

Learn to learn, lifelong, you will be happier and maybe even have a few more bucks in your pocket.

Never underestimate what a small group of dedicated people can do against overwhelming odds* - Daryl Peters
• My apologies to Margaret Mead and William Shakespeare


Daryl commented on Breakfast with the boss

I am surprised this post has so few comments for being posted almost two years ago. The idea came to me recently and I mentioned it to my GM. He didn't know what to say.

So I googled around and found very little about the breakfast idea aside from this article.

My plan is to have employees let me know when they are available for breakfast on days they would normally be working (we do shift work). One employee per breakfast per day. I think it would give both of us a chance to talk about regular things, with an eye towards work issues but it certainly doesn't have to be that.

How often do employees get the boss's ear for an hour all to themselves?

This article gave me the final nudge I need to actually do it. The notice goes up tomorrow. I will keep you posted if anyone wants to know.