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Blake commented on The Internet is Beautiful

Good insight, thanks for this response. Yes, there definitely would be a great need for communication among faculty to have some sort of standardized (and reliable/unbiased) resources for identical classes taught by different professors and teachers, but it would definitely be well worth it. Once the system is in place, it can be built upon and improved over time, just like with anything else! A big issue could indeed be the unreliability of information online, but if sources can be verified in some way as credible, then that would eliminate this issue.


Blake commented on The Internet is Beautiful

Thanks for this insightful response! I am currently attending a university and have a very similar opinion. Most of the time, whenever I am struggling to understand a concept, I turn to the Internet first because

1) it's hard to find exactly what I need to read in a textbook (A quick google search can find me exactly what I need instantly), and 

2) the Internet has a variety of ways of explaining concepts, rather than perhaps one or two ways confined in a textbook, which allows for more dynamic learning. People who are visual learners can learn through charts and graphs, or other images, etc.

Generally, I feel like the stigma around textbooks are "boring" and "out of touch." I don't have many textbooks which I have genuinely enjoyed reading in the first place. Having online resources allows students to be in charge of their own learning!


Blake commented on The Internet is Beautiful

Definitely - I thought of this issue as well, especially if Universities have contracts with textbook companies. But why not simply provide online resources as an alternative to the traditional textbook? I feel like this would not completely bash the credibility of universities, as students are still attending classes from acclaimed professors, and finishing the required workload. 

In my opinion, utilizing online resources is very similar to utilizing a textbook. Both allow you to understand the material better, but one is on your own terms, and free.