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Brittany commented on Talent Beyond Boundaries

Hello, I wanted to respond to your expert feedback questions. What wonderful work you are doing!

It will be easier to enter a fragmented market if you have a very solid solution set and communications tool for sharing your offering. I recommend that you focus on the centralized market to test communications and partnership building tools and then bring the most successful ones to the fragmented markets when ready. In the fragmented markets, identify the nodes of people/organizations that are most well connected/networked and prioritize developing those partnerships. Thank about how you can empower other local actors in the more fragmented areas to adopt your model and implement in a way that is appropriate for the local context. You don’t have to be the sole implementor in every community, this allows you to go deep in places where you can and build the capacity of others in areas that are more difficult for you to reach.

HI Rebecca, I wanted to respond to your expert feedback questions. Really wonderful work you are doing!

(1) How might we harness the power of social media to increase usage and reach of Shifra?
Are those you are trying to reach active on social media platforms? You might test this first before thinking of social as an expansion strategy. You may consider wider distribution through low tech methods that will help people learn about your product (posters, cards in local clinics, sharing your work with doctors in the community). Storytelling expertise becomes really important with social media. You already have a good story with Nur, perhaps build on this with a real life story that demonstrates the impact across multiple audiences you engage (health care providers, refugees, etc).

(2) Without the budget to hire a marketing team, what are some practical ways we can increase the visibility of Shifra among our end-users population?
Work with community health workers or other programs already embedded within the refugee community to help spread the word. The more referrals to your product, the more useful it can be. There is no easy or fast way to build awareness for a product like this, it will build as doctors, community health workers, and end users all see the value and can help you build organic growth.

(3) How do we tie marketing into financial sustainability? We don’t want to sell ads on Shifra since we are committed to providing unbiased health information, what financing options are we not yet aware of?
look at other mhealth models that don’t charge, many are funded through grants (ie medic mobile)

HI Gabriela, I wanted to respond to your expert feedback questions. And i love your idea, such an important issue to solve.

1. What's more viable financially/technically to implement, the RFID or GPS tracking device? RFID?. Is a bracelet the right way to go or explore other forms of wearables?
I don't have insight into the financial/technical viability of the model, but think a wearable bracelet would be valuable in some cases. Wearables for infants and toddlers might be difficult. It also matters if the person wearing the bracelet has access to the information or will they feel as though they are being tracked without transparency into how the info is used.

2. Can this integrate with existing platforms to be more robust in terms of its usefulness. Maybe it can be more than just a tracking device, but also can have other information attached to it like concert bracelets do. Maybe can provide access to funds, bus fare, airline tickets, boat fees, etc.

I would actually test this with the end user – do they want other services offered or is knowing the location of a loved on enough? Solving that problem alone would be a success in itself. I wouldn’t assume that they would want more info to be tracked on them, especially if they don’t know how others are using this information.

3. Where can asylum seekers use application to track members? Should this be an admin side platform for organizations?

Who is able to access the information? It's not clear to me who actually would manage the database - partner nonprofits that are already engaged with asylum seekers, the US govt, others? I would think a neutral party would need to be in change of the data. It's also not clear to me what access asylum seekers in detention would have to access this info. Are there regulations that you need to consider for information privacy?