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Tonia commented on Music Memory Box

This is an interesting idea. Excited for you that you are piloting it currently and are finding results. And great results! Can i ask how you are finding these results? through survey questions, conversation? And finally, how easy it is to change songs, pics, etc? Specifically, how easy is it to go from songs you want to play when the whole family is visiting, and then songs to play at night, etc? For instance, for bath time (which is mentioned above), how does an object trigger that music? or do you simply use anything? Congrats - look forward to hearing how it progresses.

To begin - I do not know if here is where I am supposed to be putting my updates, but I thought I remembered reading an email mentioning editing updates in the comments section since we will not be able to make any changes....Not sure if this is correct, but here is where Im putting my updates.

Radio silence has been due to planning for two events GW hosted, in partnership with another local organization that is providing similar services, but to active older adults. We realized where are synergies lie are in the idea that one family unit can benefit from both of our services. We both understand the two very likely scenarios we will face with our members - 1) The majority of my family members, will be dealing with a spouse who is does not have dementia, while their partner does. 2) vice versa for the organization whom I have partnered with on certain programming, and who is providing support services to healthy and active older adults. In both of our opinions, it was a no brainer.

Re: Events - the purpose of our first event to was 1) introducer our organizations to the community 2) to gather local thought leaders, community and faith leaders, and business professionals to discuss the importance of starting serious discussions on how the communities plan to support the aging population. Our second event was specific to inviting community residents to learn about our services.

Our first event was filled to almost capacity with approximately 110 attendees. Of that amount, we had three Mayors, councilmen and women, CEO's of local area agencies focused on Dementia and Aging, representatives from three of the local universities, medical professionals and the like. Our second event was attended by 35 local residents. For our first planned events, we expected turnout to be considerably less. Good news is that we are not the only community members recognizing the importance of the future of our aging population. The events happened this past Thursday & Friday. From those events, besides countless follow ups on discussions had at the event, we have two planned invites to speak in front of our city boards to speak about our organizations and future integration into the community.

Re: marketing, updates on GW programming - for the events, I created the postcards - content and design. I find myself enjoying the creative / design end more and more. The more and more I get into developing programming and in the case of the trash program, running programming, I am understanding how the importance of tech to support our work in a number of different areas - i.e. work flow organization, alerts, mapping, etc...

Re: Our trash program for seniors has proven to be a success. We started out with 75 homes and three weeks later are up to 105. We are constantly being told by our customers what a wonderful service we are providing. One couple, specifically said that 2yrs back the husband and fallen and hit his head- causing him to get surgery and the dr told him that if he fell again, it could lead to death. They had been paying a costly amount to pay for someone to take their trash up and down the curb. They expressed their excitement that we were providing that service instead.

I had a meeting with the local Alzheimer's Association and they are coming around to understanding the advantages to working together. They mentioned my organization potentially acting as a "bridge" between local org's providing support to families living with dementia in our area. We are looking into cross-pollination programming - specifically for our pilot program.