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Perhaps something like this for a top post? (I just typed it off the top of my head, but it probably wants to be something similar, ie short and gets the idea across quickly)

Can you go a whole day without contributing anything to landfill? Easy right? No bottled water, no packaging, nothing to be put in the garbage for the whole day. Join the challenge every Wednesday, and share this with all your friends. If we all work on our personal WasteFree Wednesdays, we will have a big impact on climate change, and our world will soon be a much cleaner place!

Hi Jes, I think this is a great idea, and that just getting the idea of WFW out there would make a big difference! There are a surprising amount of people who believe everyone should recycle and do better etc but somehow fail to apply it to themselves, or think about their own impact in anything more than very general terms. I think that if the slogan of WF Wednesday could take off, then just that, all by itself, will make people start to look at their own habits more critically.
So I wanted to like your Facebook page (to get the ball rolling :) ), but I wonder if you would have time to add an explanation to it, about what WFW is and wants people to do? Along the lines of what you have written here.
If you set it up as a public page or group instead of a personal page, Facebook allows you to pin a post to the top of the page so that it stays permanently at the top, which would mean you could have a short summary explanation (so that the gist is visible without clicking on "read more") followed by eg your stories of Brett, Laura, Liam and Sally (Social pledges). Hope this makes sense!!

Good luck with it, and if you add an explanation to the facebook page, let me know!


Ju commented on Be ENERGY, Build the FUTURE

Hi, great idea. I had a similar one, which was to have Energy companies set up the gyms, and you could get a small discount on your electricity bill depending on how much you worked out. Maybe this could be worked in somehow, so that there is then more of a cost benefit for the gym?