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Dear Ashley, thanks for taking interest in this innovative idea. I have divided the IQ assessment in the different categories. The mobile application would change the IQ questions randomly, whenever the user is connected with the internet. Later on the user can avail the IQ questions in offline mode too. Second, we will ask preliminary questions from the vulnerable children for example girls, that whether she is interested in computer and English education or not. If yes, then in the app, there will be questions coming in and will be asking her which category she is best at like Mathematics, English, Computer, sociology and many more. The app would be in three languages, English, Dari and Pashto. User can change the language as per his/her needs. The app IQ assessment section would also ask the girl that what is the importance of education ? and why we need education ? to further judge her capabilities. Once she selects any of the above category like Mathematics, then the app will generate random mathematical equations. The girl will provide solutions and the user(acting as a surveyor on the spot) will record her answers in the app. Later on the answers could be sent to the online web server so that the girl's IQ could be assessed. Each of the IQ question or equation will have assigned marks. The reason for adding the IQ assessment is because there are children, who are not willing to continue their studies, even if they would be provided chances. So opportunities will be only given to those who are willing to grab it. In order to find the authenticity of the survey added by different users, we will meet each of the entity, whose IQ level is high and will find out whether she is poor in reality or just was acting as we can face many of the forged cases also in such scenarios.

Currently we have a local partner company with the name of Afghan Realsoft Software Developers, who are willing to freely teach young girls with basic English and computer science classes. But that won't be enough as we need more partners.

Currently we are trying to target some local universities and institutes to educate girls for free in computer science and basic English for free. If they won't help us then we will look for the funding from USAID or UN or OPENIDEO to provide us money so that we can pay it to local universities/institutes to educate the young girls for free. Our target partners are : Kardan University, USAID, UN, Bakhter University, APTECH Computer & English Education, Rana University, American University of Afghanistan, Maiwand University and Muslim Hands International English Institute.
In Afghanistan, there are plenty of young girls in the street, who are willing to go higher in education but they don't have opportunities or money. So by using community oriented approach we are helping them to get their desired education.
I am also attaching the photo picture of an Afghan girl, who is a shoe polisher and as well as willing to study to go higher in her studies.