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Hi Chenai,
Thank you! Really this would work with any population where young adults have access to personal smartphones, however I have not narrowed it down to the best target group. Also, I think that the concept of how easy/hard it is to get to level 1 is a great point- I think that this is something that needs to be tested with kids this age so that they are engaged. Thank you.


Kendall commented on Interactive Sex-Ed Box (Updated 11:42 am EST on 11.14.17)

This is a really interesting idea for those without access to internet!

I wonder, would this be a box that is purchase and kept, or on a rental model where once they are done with the learning material they can return the box. Or even if it could be similar to the Netflix by mail model where once you finish learning about what one box has to offer you send it back and can get a different box that covers a new topic. (i.e. one introductory first box, and then additional one can go into more detail about various topics that they may be curious about but cannot research because of limited internet access).

Again, this is a good idea and just had a few thoughts on how to grow the potential impact of the boxes.


Kendall commented on SmartYouth

I was looking at your mHealth research ( and creating a malnutrition score to detect for SAM. It looks like a lot of this technology that is previously used is transferable in the way that it functions similarly, and they both look like great ideas! I am curious, how did the pilot in Zimbabwe perform (and what where some of the greatest challenges it faced that will need to be addressed for further implementation?).

Also, once further implemented, how scalable will this be?

This is also a really interesting tool for those in the deaf community whose resources might be more limited than others in the community, like mentioned above. Are there any deaf organizations in your area that you could partner with that may be interested in helping you expand? Because this is something that could greatly benefit the deaf community!