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Really interested by this idea. I think we do see more often that majors offered to college students do not match employers needs. Additionally, college students are not left satisfied in what they are doing. This is a double loss. By allowing students to design what they want to study, and more specifically which problem to solve, not only are they learning more useful and pleasing skills, but also breeding entrepreneurial spirit.

A similar approach to this problem can be seen at NYU, where the Gallatin school allows students to design their own major. Check it out!

Great idea! Really impressed with how you are able to help students on such an individual level.


Brandon commented on Micro Credentials for Non-College-Bound Students

This is a very interesting idea. I think the general notion of it can be compared to vocational training as we used to see in public high schools in the U.S. as well as the Gymnasium system from Germany. The U.S is the most developed country in the world, yet Education is becoming far less accessible than it used to be. More and more people are choosing to forego college because the massive investment is proving to be less worthwhile.

However, society has failed these students and children. We are spending tax payer dollars to put them through underperforming school and allowing them to graduate without the skills required to survive. Without a greater institutional redesign, I believe that there is a place for your idea. Thanks for contributing!