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Yes Elizabeth, we are protoyping this month January 2015. Keep you posted!

Dear Natalie, thank you for your comment and set of questions.

Here are our responses.

Re: Do you think parents will need training on how to use the tablet or will they be familiar with how it functions?

Many people in Myanmar have experience with smart phones or tablets, but the beauty of a touch-based tablet is its quick learning curve in the case they may not know how to use it. We might also put interactive instructions that come up each time the tablet is used (graphics that say touch here with a finger, etc.)

Re: What potential barriers do you see coming up?

Potential barriers could be a lack of staff to facilitate the use of the tablet. We hope that this will be dealt with by having the dedicated VSO volunteer to support until the tablet program is integrated into the everyday system.

Re: Also do you think it might potentially create situations, like what we've seen with WebMD, where someone gets a cold and thinks they all of a sudden have cancer? Do you think this could potentially create more work for the staff by having parents think a variety of things are wrong with their children?

Well, that is a good point. We need to carefully select our resources, from existing videos (see Healthphone) and new resources. Given that the tablets are not online, parents will not be able to surf into random or misleading information.

I hope that our responses answer your questions.

Thank again, Natalie.

Dear Bettina, Thanks for your comment and questions. Here are our responses.

Re: Aside from the more general introductory information will a nurse or doctor instruct parents on what the relevant content is for their particular situation?
Yes, the materials on the tablet will be in sections that a doctor or nurse will instruct parents to ensure that the content is directly relevant to their situation.

Re: Might there be open channels for example on newborn care and early childhood development that all parents can benefit from,

Yes, the Newborn Care Units (we are working in 39 units throughout the country) are merely a starting point from where information flow will start. After initial, crucial information to reassure parents, there will be a nurse (or parent volunteer, or peer educator) at the hospitals offering the education on ECD from Hands to Hearts International (HHI). This can happen at check up time when parents return to the hospital, but also in the wider communities of the parents. These lessons will be applicable to all parents, offered in a small group setting to enable practicing new parenting skills, while fostering questions, conversations and greater emotional support to parents. Tablets and their resources will still a vital play a role, as mothers, peers or volunteers can easily take what they need (on memory card) and add to their own locally available phones, computers or tablets.

Thank you.