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Hi Ashley,

I love this idea as someone who has experienced service providers not understanding my mom's condition. She is very young and when she was in the early stages it seemed as though nothing SHOULD be wrong with her because she's not "old". People had very negative responses to her seemingly strange behavior or repeating her comments to them. Specific example, we had someone come to clean the house and didn't know how to interact with her or understand her behaviors/mood changes. Finding legal help and services that are relevant to your situation as a caregiver is one thing but finding a trusted household service that understands the situation is more difficult.

My question: How are you finding these services and how do you give them an understanding of what your app provides? How do you maintain that relationship and ensure that each person within the company being sent to a home will understand as well?

I'm talking more about the lawn care/house cleaning/electrical work...etc...


Amanda commented on Expanded Social Network

Hi Michael,

Is this an app for caregivers to connect to each other or to provide tools and stimulation for the loved one with dementia? It seems like you're describing caregiver connection here but the app itself looks like it's for the loved one. Also, when using the app to try and engage a person with dementia, does this address the decline and different phases of cognitive abilities a person with dementia may experience? It seems like it can quickly become difficult for a person to interact with technology and I'm wondering how the caregiver can utilize the app aside from stimulating the person with dementia at that point.


Amanda commented on Social networking app for Caregivers

Groups exist already on social media for this purpose. Example: I am in a Facebook group for caregivers of people with Early Onset Alzheimer's disease. It's a great space for asking for advice, sharing experiences etc... but would be nice if it was somehow monitored better or structured in a way that is more easily accessible to those not as familiar with Facebook.

Something helpful may also be to involve professionals with outside opinions that could contribute to the conversations from a mutual, objective and non-emotional perspective.