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Maddi commented on MAP (Market, Mothers & Park) Alliance (Updated Jan 6)

I love the concept of having the outdoors act as a teacher, the idea of that just brings little warm flutters to my heart.
I truly appreciate the collaboration of the kinesthetics of learning and FUN (which every kid and adult for that matter, loves!). As a kid growing up I really loved any learning environment that had tangible implements to enhance my experience, I always took more ownership and felt more motivation to continue on the path of learning when I was provided such implements, that is what I see here with all of the ideas provided.
Looking specifically at the wooden spoons I see so much potential, the spoons are so tangible and can be used in so many ways, one very simple thing that I love is the example of creativity provided by the spoons for the children using them ( this wording sounds strange), by this I mean it is a concrete example to each child of creative uses for everyday objects(spoons) into tools for learning and play(spelling spoons or story spoons) , which can in turn only spur more creativity. The fact that each spoon is so movable and durable, multiple children can play together at the same time to create a rich story based upon collaboration!
Something I would love to see happen with the spoons is a mixture of letters and pre-written words, accompanied by pictures. Pictures of landscapes (to help provide setting for the children's stories), faces (to help give identity to their characters) as well as animals, foods and other items. The culmination of all of these varying spoons together would allow for the children to really create their own stories, allowing them to spell and make up words as they please, while having the safety of visuals they know and feel like the can incorporate into their creates tales.
Overall, I love this! What an amazing vision!!!