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Adriana commented on A Collaborative Network

I really really like this idea of educators around the globe being able to collaborate and share learnings. Do you envision this community's primary goal to be sharing best practice amongst education professionals? Or serve as a networking tool?
I wonder if there would be a way to gain more insight into each of the user groups you mentioned: educationists, teachers, schools, universities, lecturers, professors, educational organizations/communities, NGO's/NPO's, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, publishers, professional development providers, and all educational experts/consultants/advisers.
There may be some variations in what each of those groups' primary goal might be to takeaway from the platform (for ex. consultants might be looking for more insights from education professionals, and teachers/schools might be looking for best practices for conducting online learning/sample coursework or activities). Who do you have in mind for being the primary user & group?
I really like this idea, and I think there are a lot of needs that this platform can help fill. Thank you for sharing this!


Adriana commented on Lay the Foundation for Progress

Another quick comment- we can think about narrowing down the information we would be collecting by answering: should the schools be providing tech resources?
If yes, then we can say that it is irrelevant at this point to what resources a student has because the school should be prepared and able to support at a certain standard regardless of the student's situation. From there, each school could work to forecast demand for the different categories of tech services.
I think to survey the entire general public to ask if they have a laptop, a strong wifi connection would be difficult and very daunting. But I think a more manageable task is to survey every school to collect data re. 'what support are you providing your students with with regards to tech?'


Adriana commented on Lay the Foundation for Progress

Definitely agree- I think the 'who' and 'how' are largely unanswered for the survey - 'who': some schools might have 1 contact that can provide all of the information, some might have 5
'how': we might have to look at multiple avenues to collect information- and some schools might struggle to collect some of the information because they are at home
'what': I think we have a pretty good grasp on what information we would be looking to collect - current availability of tech to leverage for remote learning, what programs they are using for remote learning, what support they are providing to students (i.e. providing computers? providing network connection?), and what are some issues they might be running into

I really like your point regarding school collaboration and how we might think about evolving school systems to be a better learning network vs. stand-alone. Here we see schools act very stand-alone, I think largely due ranking/competitive culture that we foster and also because of funding sources. Do you find the same occurs in your area? It would be interesting to look more into how to create a more collaborative environment- although then I can't help but think that we might circle back though to some schools being left out due to lack of tech resources. We see a lot of teachers struggle with the small budget they are given, and struggle with strict curriculums - I wonder how we might think about putting more power back into teachers hands?