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An Old commented on LGBTIQ Refugee Voices: a Professional Training in Kenya

Hi Anna Fontanini ,

Thanks for providing such thought provoking questions! Here a few notes below to help you move forward:

1. I recommend using survey tools to measure impact on beneficiaries you are engaging directly. There are a number of different solutions available online to meet your needs and create unique questions for each user group (government officials, cbo, and refugees). This will give you a good sense on where to pivot or iterate in your programming and get receive direct insights from the community you are serving.

2. The best way to account for future legal fluctuations in policy would be to create different scenarios for each potential risk. Spend some time mapping each risk by capturing feedback and various perspectives from your team to hedge and be prepared for things to come that may directly impact your work. It will also be helpful to continue reading news articles, blogs, and stay up to date on the political landscape.

3. The best way to support a partner from afar is to create a clear roadmap for each of you to follow and hold each other accountable. Make sure the goals are mission aligned with one another and host regular meetings to keep track of funding and key milestones identified by both parties.

Hi Carlos Meneses ,
Great questions for expert review! Here are a few notes below:

1. The most effective ways to coach program trainers are to conduct workshops for your thought leaders and help them develop actionable skillsets. I recommend partnering with local organizations on the ground and working collaboratively to create KPIs and goals that meet the needs of TAAP and IntegrArte programming. If possible, provide your trainers with the tools and resources they need to be successful and offer value to the community through empathy and personal experience.

2. A few high-impact strategies to share out information about social programs would be to host events to get the community excited about the work TAAP is doing locally. Create a series of themes at each activation and use these opportunities to inform and educate on IntegrArte programs and offerings. This will also be a great time to prototype with the community and gather insights to learn more about their wants, needs, and effective strategies for successful migration.

3. A major challenge I have seen working with migrants in vulnerable communities is the overall lack of social capital and access to knowledge about resources that impact their day to day lives. It is very important for organizations to provide access to networks for migrants and help individuals navigate their journey by feeling safe in inclusive and familiar environments.


An Old commented on Risk

Man You are professional so please give us more ideas