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Thank you so much, Susan, and I was thinking about asking you for comments but you beat me to it. You are right, discharge case manager is one important person to learn from and help distribute the info CareXc (we have a pamphlet for distribute to patients or their family). I think I did mention them in the submission's business canvas, test idea,and journey map but I will check if I may just mention discharge team or discharge social worker or somehow got deleted when I ran out of "characters allow". I'd love if you could connect me to the discharge case managers of the hospital systems that you have connections with (including this local rehab, rehab is one of the top fit HS I'd like to approach) as they are really very busy (may be that is part of the problems they have). There was one discharge case manager of a prominent hospital I talked to in early concept phase, That was through specific introduction and she since had retired unfortunately for me to go back for product validation. On your second point, we had briefly mentioned where we curate the plans from - local or national prominent hospitals. So hopefully the quality is controlled. And for individuals if they have a very effective plan and would want to "submit" to us to become template for sharing with others, we planned to have a review committee for quality control but we are not at that phase yet. For your 3) comment, For some of the Chinese content I already included in the current version, they are all from a Chinese Initiative of a local hospital. I did also connect with the public health group of the National Taiwan University (where I got my undergrad degree from) for asking their help when I need more Chinese material. And I am so glad that you noticed that we have included language aspect in our design. We wanted to include it because there are a lot of needs to help patients and their family who do not speak English in this area. I thought that is one of the perks for people to join the CareXc community where they can find information, events, even translators that can help them during hospital stays. And they will return to our site for information in their language regular for health issues or prevention of diseases. I am very interested in partnering with projects in this challenge that have complimentary pieces but I have not yet spent enough time investigate all of them yet so Kitchen Katch did not come into my radar yet, thanks for your suggestion. By the way, there is a program called (MTM) Medically Tailored Meal for a few places in California that I thought would be a great project to partner too but I have not yet got connected after a few tries. Perhaps some of other Challenge ideas have. Anyway, keep your comments coming as I am still burning mid-night oil today to check and add a few missing points (if space allowed).
Thank you again,

Hi Susan,
When we finalized our submission and the uploaded document, we tried to include the answers to your questions in there. I hope we did not miss anything. It is always good to exchange ideas with someone who has been a family caregiver and know these common health problems their loved ones have been going through. And I look forward to more discussions and perspectives.


Ann commented on Teaming up and Charting the Road Ahead

Hi James,
It is good to see a solution that meets our/CareXc general principle of how to take care of older adults/patients for their health problems - that is to team up. CareXc also submitted a solution using the platform which is similar to your solution. Would you like to take a look and see perhaps our platform might help shorten the time to create for your specific solution and we together can supply a more complete "After Hip Fracture Care Plan"? Our solution is here:
Ann Ting