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Annet commented on Recycling Shame

Nice insights Karina, i did not know of the city Burlington but would want to visit it now after reading your experience!

I live in a city where it is also very clean (Singapore) but unfortunately this is not (solely) because of the citizens; there are a lot of foreign workers who clean up the trash everyday behind people's backs. I am wondering if the public shaming would work here (online it works I think (stomp website) but when people have to confront other people....i don't know).

What i was wondering, the old man, was he there by coincidence? or was he really directing people to do the right thing? Also, i am curious to why you did not know that your waste should be recycled; what if the old man would not have been there; was there any clue for you to recycle?

Thanks for your interesting findings!


Annet commented on One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure

I would advise people to look at the video of the recycling machine of Dave Hakkens, (last link in this post)

it doesn't use 3D printing to generate new products!
Using more old school plastic production techniques such as molding and extrusion (and directly using the extrusion on a mold) might give people even more the feeling of production whereas sometimes the 3D printing can feel magical/temporarily.


Annet commented on One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure

That is a good question, I don't know what they do with the impurities. Though a few of the examples have a bottles that look like they are cleaned before using; so the etiquettes are taken off.
I think most of it goes by hand.