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Anna commented on The Green Energy Olympics

Hi Ramiro!
What a great idea!
Have you thought about the opportunity to get kids involved too? Maybe through a junior games, if not within the main event. Children don't tend to be members of gyms, so a tie in with local schools would create an opportunity to help educate students about the initiative (and it's important cause) and potentially bring in a few other community members (teachers, parents) into the adult event too.
Looking forward to seeing your idea move forward,


Anna commented on (Update:) Let's create addicts!


This project by the Van Alen Institute and Imperial College London’s Sustainable Society Network may be of interest as you move forward with your research, albeit this is more generically 'built environment' focused:

Some blurb on it:
Ecologies of Addiction is an interdisciplinary research initiative into the complex relationship between addictive behaviors and the physical environment of the city. Van Alen is collaborating on the first phase with Imperial College London’s Sustainable Society Network (SSN+), and has selected a research team based at King’s College London to investigate how a person’s vulnerability to addiction may be impacted by his or her environment.

“Addictions present a huge challenge, and we think that a better understanding of how they work spatially can shed light on many other aspects of well-being and how it is impacted by environment,” explained Van Alen’s Executive Director David van der Leer.

The team will apparently present their findings in May 2015 at a series of public events in London, and in June 2015 in New York City.


Anna commented on Solar Bud Lamp


The range of options and possibilities are very exciting. Congratulations on developing such an interesting product. I think the concept of using easily available materials and parts is a very strong one - I hope this becomes realizable in time.