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What a great idea Swapna! Having a app to turn to for support when food cravings hit can be a great way for people to get that extra boost of encouragement they need to reach their nutritional goals. I like the idea of offering a substitue for the food item they are craving and then offering a local place that offers it. It seems that the key element in this app is that it retrains the user's thought process: they have to identify the craving, take a minute to understand if the craving is a need or want, think of other options and then make a conscious decision of action. This not only helps with the onetime craving but reinforces long term behaviour change - Brilliant! I also was impressed by 'phase 2' of your Strategic Plan. By taking it one step further then the craving, users begin to understand how their actions and choices can effect the occurence of a craving and how to eliminate them all together. I could also suggest in 'phase 2' of the launch, to focus on how choices early in the day can effect this craving. For example: Does Bob skip breakfast or workout in the morning? How do these choices effect what happens to him and his cravings later in the day. This would further reinforce personal understanding and long term behaviour change associated to nutritional goals. Overall, I love the idea Swapna and think that this could be a great motivational tool for those of us who battle with those pesky cravings:)