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Angela commented on mBaby: Making Information Actionable

Nice work Erica! After reading through the concepts I feel the need to address two background factors that affect maternal health: female infanticide, and female genital mutilation. This may be more appropriate for the concept section but it is closed. I think many of you would be surprised at the high rate of occurrence of both of these tragic social phenomena because of how closely linked they are to mental and physical health in low- income communities. I think the Maternal Health concepts can go further and address these topics in addition to healthy practices during pregnancy in the effort to make a greater impact for women.

Target points: Female Infanticide, Female Genital Mutilation, and Barefoot College

The following are ways to enhance the impact of mBaby and concepts alike by way of prevention through additional calls to action:

1. Address female infanticide
2. Address female genital mutilation
3. Train women at Barefoot College to participate and be part of the educational and healthcare efforts in India and Africa
4. Women will aid fellow women and girls about healthy pregnancy practices, FGM and FI prevention
5. Women will utilize technological tools for communication to build change from where they are
6. Educate men to establish project support

Additionally, mBaby could serve to make women more aware about opportunities for women and girls. Women and girls that are part of the Healthcare team at organizations like Barefoot College could be part of the change by helping to implement the project. By using this project to utilize the efforts that are already being made, the target demographic will have someone they can relate to. This approach increases the possibility of layered change through education—the primary focus remains on improving maternal health while expectant mothers get the opportunity to interact with empowered women that are visible, valued, and heard—ultimately adding to the value of the impact of mBaby. The work of Barefoot College graduates and employees expands all over India and Africa!

For further information on FGM:

Female Genital Mutilation in Africa leads to pregnancy complications. Agnes Pareyios' work focus's on eradicating FGM as a human rights violation, specifically the right to physical integrity that affects the lives of millions of women around the world.

For further information on FI:

For further information on Barefoot College: