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Angelica commented on Meet Your Coffee Grower

Sorry for the late answer. I think it could work out great! Once you have the concept, national radio stations are eager to promote initiatives like this. They had adequate the “spaces” to do so, and people participates a lot and supports a lot. This radio station I told you about (La W) is listened by Colombians all around the globe because its credibility. If we summarized Johan concept of a local radio station, both concepts -while combined- can encourage people to not only meet the coffee grower and buy the coffee but to locally get together around the same cause. Education is the key. So the local radio station could not only teach people about healthy habits but empower them to support each other.


Angelica commented on Meet Your Coffee Grower

Great concept Krassimira! Following what Irune said, I think is great IOU philosophy. Connecting consumers with producers in a whole new and deeply level could help increase not only consumption but awareness on what’s going on with coffee producers and how we can help them. Following what Maria said, it’s awesome what Café Quindío and Café San Alberto are doing. There’s also a similar coffee project in a village near to Bogotá named San Francisco. Unfortunately they don’t have a website yet to show you, never the less the business is growing faster and they will have their first product soon -and certainly their website.

Now on, answering Krassimira question. I think there’s a huge potential targeting Colombians abroad. Not only because they definitely miss their coffee -which is a fact, but also –and primary because of the cause. Help their own people moves and gather Colombians around the globe most of the times. A good example was “El Salado” campaign. It was promoted by a famous radio station in Colombia (La W) and through the station and different websites people could afford a bracelet which money was used to re-build “El Salado” a small village which suffers a terrible massacre a year ago. Most of the bracelets were bought by Colombians abroad. So, even when the situation is completely different this campaign proved their commitment with their country and people; a fact that can help to this great concept.


Angelica commented on The Community food bank

Awesome idea Luz! What about opening the chain of the community food bank and connect it also to the local producers? In this order, we can have consumers thinking on new ways to access food and on the other hand, local producers feeding the bank making the products cheaper and more affordable to all. Therefore if we summarized your proposal of strong education on nourishment and at the same time we focus on education to increase community values –like applying ubunto concept to the campaigns for example. We could have a bank fed and feeding by the entire community.