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I guess, that the best way to save a creative inside a person.... is understanding that each person is unique and each has the own unique view of the world. I think, that any kind of competitions, any comparisons teach a children not to create, it is teach to be the best. Any kind of art is not a competition it is a freedom. Need to understand that the art is not only a painting, sculpting and dance! Art is everything. And above all the art is a thinking. It is not important what you do... more important how you do it...sometimes in making of sandwiches more art than in the exhibits in the museum.

If children paint... give them a brushes, paint and a place where they can do it and show it for free. let them paint the walls in the hallways, buildings, industrial plants....of course, according to preliminary sketches!!! I think that permissiveness is not a freedom, it is a bad taste :-))) !!! Open a public galleries where a everyone can show his art for free. If people dance, sing, playing music.... give them instruments and masters who can teach to dance, sing.... in the world a lot of charity organisations which can do it. A children do not needing a money... they need a freedom!!! Give them instruments, materials and knowledges for free and they will give you back much more!!!

Travel !!! You know, a lot of people after 50 are dream about traveling... dream about adventure!!! but some of them are afraid... they afraid a new place, that do not understand a language, some rules of foreign countries, some technical issue, moving around the city, rent a car, shopping.... And I guess, that to realize a dream... the old people needing a some young people who can accompany them to travel, a young man who can be a translator, guide, driver, doctor and a good talker :-))) !!!
I think it's a chance for young people to discover new opportunities, to meet new people, travel, practice in languages..... And for old people to feel a free for travel and open yourself up to adventure, new emotions and life !!!