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Thank you Denas!

We searched for that colour thinking of making a friendly feeling, so thanks for realising!


Andrea Sánchez commented on Cash-In your Dreams App

Hi Rabbia and the team!
I really like your idea, because it's never too late for achieving your dreams!
I like the part of adding a filter, that get things easier for them.
You could also sort out the different possibilites that they have available at each moment by their price, from low to high... maybe they would be more interested in the cheaper plans!
Although maybe it's better to make a filter like , in which you always have all the options on the left, so it's easier for some people who are not that good with technology to choose all the filters that they want each time.

Apart from adding a filter, I find your project really interesting and I would really like to see it running soon!


Andrea Sánchez commented on Health & Wealth: Working With the Cycle, Not Against It

Hi Catie, I find really interesting your idea, is a good solution for those people who don't really do exercise, and this encourages them to go out and get fit and healthier! Also is a good way to meet new people.
It's never too late!
I hope to see more updates soon!