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Anastacia commented on Low cost/low tech alerts to the community

Hi Nathan. Thanks for checking with me about it. I've actually seen quite a few similar ideas already posted in the ideas phase. So I've mostly opted to just contribute to the conversation on those ideas for the time being. However, I may try to round up and combine the ideas I've seen into a single proposal that would utilize "safety stations" and a community effort. I'm still trying to figure out the best approach here on OpenIDEO :)

I was thinking too that the bangles or a whistle would be a smart way to incorporate a the badge idea with self-defense tools. In fact, I've seen several ideas now that would complement each other nicely - all because they are built on this concept of community networking. It could be very powerful to combine all of these concepts into a single network that monitors and improves safety.

My starting point for all of these ideas though, is this: If I am a woman who has just moved to an urban setting from a small rural area, how do I see my environment? How can I be made aware of these networks and connect with them? And in my mind, the answer to that (so far at least) has always been something noticeable and recognizable on public streets. Not just a sign that may or may not be read (and I guess illiteracy is another issue to be addressed in this process) but a colorful lamppost or box installation - something that comes across as a "safety network station" and grabs enough attention to make passersby curious about it's purpose.

So after ruminating for a bit, I'm thinking the best approach might be kind of a combo. I really liked the original idea that included having pool "stations" at public places like bus stops, etc. But that of course would make routes very vulnerable to attack. So what if a distinctive box/sign/station of some sort were developed and located at all sorts of public places like bus stops, street corners, shops, and so on. On those public stations would be some sort of map or list that gives the nearest pool signup. And those signup locations would be managed by someone - i.e. not public: a shopkeeper, a neighborhood center, a community volunteer. I don't think it would necessarily have to be a woman, just as long as the person involved was trustworthy or vetted properly.

And to that badge idea that has been added to the mix - I also think that in addition to pins that people wear on the street, you could have stickers with the same design and color that go in storefront windows where the community has agreed to participate and be a safe haven. That would also potentially mark "pool signup" locations for women passing by.