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Ana commented on Bee Downtown

Love this concept and I think you've told your story beautifully on the website! One thing I struggled with a bit was figuring out what products and services you sell - I think companies pay to have hives on their rooftops, but I'm not sure? And, do you sell honey actively somewhere? I do see that there's some revenue from tours. Maybe there's a way to organize the website a bit to communicate those elements. If you had a "products and services" bucket it might be a good place for your nonprofit story to go as well. 
I'm more of an operations person than a brand person, so I can't help too much at this stage, but if you ever want to chat about expansion plans let me know!

I really love the financial and media incentives here. I think that adoption is the key part of making any of the technologies or werables work! I think combining this with other ideas about healthy substitutes for traditional meals would bring a super relevant cultural product to life.


Ana commented on The Social Portion Plate

Alexandra, love the simplicity and the ease of use! I wonder about the traditional and cultural elements of eating and how important they are in Hispanic culture. How can you incorporate those into the next design? How do you allow people to eat traditional dishes or how do you allow people to eat the traditional way (I.e. arroz con pollo or tacos for example) from plates that are regimented to split up the veggies from the protein? Maybe it is in the measuring utensils too? But how else can we tailor this to the Latino way? And how do you keep meal times feeling like a valueable part of building family and community?